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Where in the world is the CDC?

August 23, 2001

This is the story of a modest man, who wanted to escape fast-paced Atlanta. So he bought some tracts of land outside the city. He loved the land and nearby residents, and was visiting with one when something went terribly wrong.

"A man in the store was shaking and sweating and then collapsed, and it was discovered he had malaria, as did about 60% of the county," said Dr. Lindsay Boring. 

The land owner was shocked and empowered at the same time, and with his resources, he brought together different agencies to establish the emory field house. It's mission? To wipe out malaria. The year was 1939.

"And some of the ideas were pretty low tech, including handy out window screens and giving free health care."

Malaria was not his only mission. He was a staunch steward of the land and it's traditions.

"He would use the old mule-drawn wagons and pointer dogs in the traditional way."

And through the years the efforts of the Emory Field Station, the US geological survey, and public health service wiped out Malaria. The year was 1948, and the Communicable Disease Center, later known as the CDC, was established. Today, many people know the name CDC, but are not as familiar with Robert Woodruff. He was the man escaping the pressures as the president of the Coca-cola empire, who was at the store when someone fell to malaria. After Woodruff's death, his right-hand man Joe Jones made sure this land carried on the legacy of health and land management as Woodruff wanted. As for the Emory Field Station, the flood of '94 took it's toll. But that general store can still be found, complete with coke signs, on the dirt road that used to be highway 91 though Ichauway Plantation. You will know it as the Jones Ecological Research Center. 

The center continues it's mission of education, research, and outreach for everyone from educators to land managers. It will hold an open house next April when anyone can tour the facility.  It is located on Highway 91 about 10 miles south of Newton in Baker county.

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