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WG&L trucks conserving fuel

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email
September 25, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Water Gas and Light officials are installing G.P.S. tracking devices on their equipment, to make sure employees are conserving as much fuel as possible.

The G.P.S. devices record not only the location, but the speed W.G.L. trucks and equipment are driven, and when they are idling. Officials say W.G.and L. saved more than five thousand gallons of diesel fuel last fiscal year through energy saving rules.

W.G.L. Assistant  Manager for Operations Keith Goodin said  "The vehicles that have to dig, they have to idle. The ones that have aerial lifts, they have to idle. The pickups and other equipment that do not have to idle on the job site, that is down to almost zero."

Goodin says almost 70 percent of the 140 W.G.and L . work vehicles now have G.P.S. devices on them, to measure fuel and work usage.