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Cleland campaign tour stops in Albany

August 22, 2002
by Jocelyn Maner

Albany is the fourth stop on Senator Max Cleland's campaign tour.

Thursday, he spoke to students at Albany State University's education rally to help the future generation realize the importance of patriotism.

Cleland also told the audience that he is determined to make sure historically black colleges like Albany State University, become more digitally equipped, like other white universities.

Cleland's key supporters, Congressman Sanford Bishop and Lt. Governor Mark Taylor says Cleland is the best man for the job and should be reelected.

They both agree that Cleland has done a substantial amount for South Georgia such as making sure the Marine Base stays in tact, helping peanut farmers and bringing more jobs to the area.

Cleland says he looks forward to serving Georgia again and helping the state to grow and prosper.

Cleland will be heading to Columbus and Savannah Friday.

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