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Maintenance Center Albany supports war fighter with increased production

By Len Kiese - bio | email

September 24, 2008

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - You may not even realize it but work done right here in Albany saves the lives of our troops.

For years, The Maintenance Center at the Marine Corps Logistics Base has supported Operation Iraqi Freedom by repairing war-fighting equipment. But a year and a half ago, Maintenance Center Albany took on another important order and that mission is growing.

Beneath the waving United States flag, the sound of work in progress is unwavering. "We do two a day, everyday," said Humvee Shop Supervisor Allen Brown.

Everyday, Allen Brown oversees the assembly line for humvee repairs at Maintenance Center Albany. "We take everything off.  Then we start off back here putting final hubs, brakes, suspension," said Brown.

It's some of the important work that started in March of 2007 with an order to process 20 humvees in just one month. Employees stepped up to the challenge. "We have the capability to flex up or down, whatever it takes to meet the mission," said Brown.

"We've increased our production now to 75 units a month," said Maintenance Center Albany Deputy Commander Trent Blalock.

While production has increased since 2007, the amount of time it takes to repair one of the humvees has decreased. "The repair cycle time when we first started those humvees back in March of 2007 was 70 days to repair that humvee," said Blalock.

Now MCA's Deputy Commander is proud to report that repair time is only an average of 23 days. The numbers are impressive considering the base receives the vehicles in a variety of conditions.

"As you can tell, there's a lot of rust, a lot of broken components, missing components," said Blalock.

So they're broken down and repaired as necessary.  Everything is repaired from the brakes to the engine. "Any engine that we put out of this shop, we want to make sure that its running to the utmost performance. The last thing that we want is for a Marine to have this equipment out in the field and it suffers some type of failure," said Engine Shop Supervisor Michael Cross.

About 300 people here make sure the repairs of humvees are successful for the hundreds of men and women fighting the Global War on Terror. "I feel good about it," said Brown, "that's what I do this for everyday."

At the end of the day they can be proud of a mission accomplished here at home underneath the flag--enabling the war fighter.

Maintenance Center Albany has ramped up production even more this month to 80 vehicles with a goal of 100 by next Spring.

Humvees are delivered to ships, Marine Expeditionary Forces and Marine Corps Reserve units. About five are repaired each month for use by the Navy.  


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