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Wildlife observation deck just outside city limits

August 22, 2002

Albany--You will soon be able to enjoy a peaceful spot to watch native wildlife.

And it's just a mile from downtown Albany.  This six and a half acre tract south of Radium Springs is the future home of a wildlife observation point. The County got a 20,000 dollar state grant to help pay for the platform. When it's built you'll have a place to look at striped bass water fowl and cypress trees.

Albany-Dougherty Planning Manager Elizabeth Dean says, "It will give people a chance to see the beautiful cypress trees. A lot of people don't see them they many not know. There is a chance to do some community education about what we have in community."  Some of the design and engineering labor is being donated and the County will match some of the cost. Merck Chemical has also promised to chip in. The design work on the project is underway.

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