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"Fireproof" tickets are a hot commodity

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

September 24, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Advance ticket sales for Sherwood's movie "Fireproof" are number one nationwide this week.

The movie's premier is Thursday night in tinsel town (better known as Los Angeles) and it opens to audiences nationwide in more than 800 theatres Friday.

In Albany two shows are already sold out and tickets are selling fast. Fireproof won't be seen by a national audience until Friday, but already ticket sales are burning up the box office.

"We are expecting a really large turnout for this weekend for this movie," said Thomas Topmiller, Carmike Cinemas Assistant Manager.

Two of four seven o'clock shows Friday and Saturday have been bought out by Sherwood for local firefighters.  Fandango lists "Fireproof" as number one for this week's hottest ticket.

"Opening weekend is huge, it determines the success of the movie, that's the way Hollywood determines whether they let a movie expand or not so the people in the theatre opening weekend are essential to any movie being successful," said Dr. Michael Catt, "Fireproof" Executive Producer.

The movie is already a success with 150 audiences who got a sneak peak of the picture and gave it high marks. Actor Kirk Cameron made a pitch for the movie on Tuesday's Today Show and tomorrow the focus of Dr. Phil's show will be "Fireproof your Marriage" including clips from the movie.

"We're constantly blown away, we're just a church in Albany, Georgia that's trying to do what we believe God's told us to do," said Catt.

Fireproof will open in more than 800 theatres Friday night, that's double the number that Facing the Giants opened to. In Albany Facing the Giants holds the record at Carmike Cinema.

"It was here for 16 weeks from what I'm told and it holds the record here at this theatre which is just over what Tyler Perry would bring in," said Topmiller.

It will depend on audiences whether Fireproof leaves that record in the dust. Fireproof is rated PG. The movie will be shown on four different screens at the Carmike Theater.

Advance tickets for the movie can be bought at the theater or on websites like Fandango.


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