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Perdue sets sights on governor's mansion

August 21, 2002

The governor’s race moves to it’s final event, the final candidates squaring off. Sonny Perdue won the Republican nomination, and was back on the campaign trail as the sun came up.

“Roy Barnes is trying to build a fairy tale with $6 million he’s spent, and people have seen through that. Then he tried to start a horror movie about me, and people have seen through that. What we’re going to do is a true story with a happy ending about a Georgia that can be better.”

Governor Barnes was also on the campaign trail, and ready for the challenge. “Our game plan is what it’s always been. To talk substantively about issues, not to run from tough decisions.”

Perdue’s strategy has been to attack Governor Barnes’ record, and Barnes has started negative ads against Perdue, but Wednesday they both pledged to keep their ads above board. “I'll talk about the hopes of Georgians, and I hope we can keep the campaign on those issues.”

“There’s no amount of money, or negative ads that’s going to detract from our message of building a better Georgia,” Perdue said.

Both candidates will try to be all over the state until election day.

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