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Bush wants a vote recount

August 21, 2002

After losing by just 47 votes, James Bush wants a recount. Bush ran against Jeff Sinyard in the race for Dougherty County Commission Chairman.

A candidate can ask for a recount if he or she loses by less than one percent of the vote. Just a day after the votes were tallied, James Bush delivered a letter to the Dougherty County Election Supervisor. The letter asks for a recount of the nearly 16,000 votes cast for the chairman of the county commission.

"Of course, I would have loved to get 2,000 more votes than my opponent, but that didn't happen. I just want to double check the votes," said Bush.

Bush received 7,940 votes, just 47 less than Sinyard. That breaks down to 50.2% of the vote for Sinyard, and 49.9% for Bush. "I would ask for a recount too, if I were in his shoes. I expected this to happen," said Sinyard.

The Board of Elections plans to hold the recount Friday, August 23th. Sinyard says he doesn't expect the outcome to change. But, Bush says when a race is decided this closely a recount is vital.

"I hope those people who voted for me don't think something went wrong with the ballots. We have a good voting system, but I just want this recount," said Bush.

Whatever the outcome, this race proves every vote does counts. It is rare that the votes are counted incorrectly and the race's outcome is reversed.

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