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Fire hydrants gushing water

August 21, 2002

Colquitt County - The state water ban has some Moultrie residents frustrated with gushing water from fire hydrants. They say the water pours out all day, every day for the past few months. City utility directors have a reason for their water wasting.

It looks like a water fall, but it's not. It's a fire hydrant on the streets of Moultrie. Nearby resident Joe Gibson explains, "It's been running for quite a while, a month and a half to two months."

Gibson lives at the corner of Southwest 7th Avenue and Southwest 11th Street. He says, "We've had rusty water, yes. In fact, it's been rusty to the point we have to drain the tub and we fill it to take a bath."

City Utility Director Roger King says the heat is to blame. King explains, "What happens when the pipes heat up, you'll have rust in pipes break lose and the only way to get it our is get hydrant flushing and get the bad water out and good water brought into neighborhoods."

Five hydrants have been running non-stop since the end of July...using four million gallons of well water a day, a state limit. Gibson says, "With the drought situation being the way it is, it makes me worry that the water is just being wasted."

King says the water supply is okay, "We are fortunate in Moultrie. We have an abundance of safe drinking water. Our aquifer hasn't been affected by the drought. We do have a permitted limit we're trying to stay in."

The sometimes rusty water concerns Gibson enough to use bottled water on occasion, but not enough to stop using it completely.

King hopes to turn off the hydrants soon, whenever cooler weather comes to South Georgia.

If the problem of rusty water continues, they may increase the water pressure to clean up the pipes.

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