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September 11th Remembrance

August 21, 2002

Dougherty County - September 11th is three weeks away. People all over the world will take time to reflect.

Here in Dougherty County, a September 11th Remembrance Committee is putting a special program together for South Georgians.

The morning of September 11th, at 8:46 AM, when the first plane hit the first tower, church bells will ring and Taps will be played over the Dougherty County emergency system. Director of Governmental Affairs, Glenn Singfield, Senior, says, "We're asking the entire community at that time wherever you stand in complete silence for two minutes and remember that time in our history."

Bells and Taps will also be heard at 9:03, 9:37 and 10:03 when America was attacked again. The remembrance ceremony will start at 10:30 at Veterans Park, with the Marine Corps Logistics Base 21 Gun Salute.

Other highlights include Mt. Zion Baptist Church Inspirational Choir singing patriotic songs, and as the finale, a choir of students will sing God Bless America.

The City Wide September 11th Remembrance is free to the public.



Albany City-wide September 11 Remembrance


Wednesday September 11, 2002




8:46 AM

At time of World Trade Center tower impact,
bells toll throughout the city, followed by two
minutes of silence while Taps is broadcast.
Citizens stand in reverence.

9:03 AM

Second tower impact; bells toll again, followed by Taps.

9:37 AM

Impact at the Pentagon; bells toll again, followed
by Taps.

10:03 AM

Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania; bells toll again, followed by Taps.

10:30 AM

Beginning of Remembrance
at Veterans Park


Marine Corps conducts 21-gun salute


Buglers perform Taps from both banks of river


Pledge to flag, colors presented by color guard
from the MCLB


Christian, Jewish, and Moslem prayers are offered;
two minutes each.


Comments and welcome from mayor, county commission chairman, police chief, fire chief, and MCLB


Battle Hymn of the Republic, and America the Beautiful performed by the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Inspirational Choir


Poem from Dougherty Co. student Adrienne Shepherd, winner of Young Georgia Authors competetion


Tim Martin welcome from Chamber of Commerce, invitation for lunch, served by city and county representatives, and concert by Marine Corps Band


Marine Band concert

12:15 PM

Finale. God Bless America, performed by choir of
area public and private schools

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