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Albany city leaders called out on crime

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

September 19, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A masked gunman fired a shot at employees of a popular northwest Albany restaurant during a robbery attempt early Friday morning.

No one was injured, but the restaurant owner and employees are shaken. Now they are demanding city leaders do something about crime now.

The shooting happened about one AM in the parking lot behind the Harvest Moon restaurant on Dawson Road, Now the owners and employees of that restaurant say they are fed up with the crime problem in Albany, and demanding city leaders take action.

Trey Gregors and three other Harvest Moon employees were walking to their cars just off Dawson Road, when the masked gunman attacked.

Gregors said "I saw the guy run up from the back of the parking lot just at a full sprint towards me. He pulled a gun, told me to get down on the ground. The two girls that were with us ran and got back to the restaurant in time."

The robber ran away, firing a shot back at the employees, that luckily missed. Today Harvest Moon owner Bo Henry spent the morning calling on city commissioners, city manager's office, and Police Chiefs demanding answers about what he sees as the growing crime problem, and he is asking all the people of Albany to do the same.

 Henry said "I think we all should be talking to our city commissioners everyday, on what is going to be done about this. What will be done about the crime activity in Albany. It's been rampant lately, and it's getting worse."

Henry said his talks this morning with city leaders proved to him that Albany needs more Police Officers on the streets to protect the people.

Henry said "I've done some checking this morning. Last night, on a Thursday night at one in the morning, in the 57 mile square radius of the city of Albany, there was only 14 policemen out beating the streets."

The armed bandit was last seen fleeing the area on a bicycle. Henry and several of his employees tried to help Police catch him, but he got away.

Friday, Henry hired armed security guards to be in his parking lot every night walking his customers to their cars, and ordered more lights around the area. Now he is calling on city leaders to make fighting crime their top issue.

 "In my opinion, first and foremost, before anything else in the city, is to protect the citizens. Not doing that is not taking care of the people."

Bo Henry says he knows talking about this crime could scare some of his customers and hurt his business, but he said that crime has become such a problem in Albany he is willing to step forward and demand action from city leaders to protect the people.

City Commissioner Roger Marietta offered a one thousand dollar reward for information about the armed robber, and the Harvest Moon added another $500.

Call CRIME STOPPERS at 229-436-TIPS if you have any information.


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