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Fields is back, for good

August 20, 2002

For Jimmy Fields, the decision to return to coaching was an easy one. "There's three reasons you coach and that's the players, the players and the players," said Sherwood Christian Academy head coach Jimmy Fields.

And for the fourth time in as many years, the players at Sherwood Christian Academy have a new head football coach. But Fields has made it clear that he's in for the long haul. "I've had my year away from coaching, I'm gonna be here a very long time," Fields added.

His first matter of business, is to turn around a team that went 1-8 a year ago and has yet to win more than four games in a single season. "You've gotta develop trust, you gotta develop a consistency and trust with your players. And I think being here since April that we've done a good job."

Fields will find some of that consistency in returning starters BJ Poitevint and Slade Sellers. Both are senior running backs that can already see the impact Fields has had on the Eagles program. Senior B.J. Poitevint said, "You can tell he's real excited about football and coaching and being with us, helping us out." Senior Slade Sellers said, "He's a players coach but he's gonna come down on you if you need to be come down on and he's a great coach and a valuable asset to our team."

Adding more depth to the backfield are junior Bradley Rucker and sophomore Josh Brazier, who are battling for the starting quarterback duties. Fields said, "Just keeping it simple for them, giving them something they can do and be successful with, that's what we're trying to do."

And Fields, who led the Deerfield Windsor Knights to an 18 and 6 mark in two years, looks for a junior laden defense to counter his offensive attack. And while he might mix up the playbook and fiddle with some schemes, Fields has made clear that he's sure one part of the program won't require any adjusting. "I'll tell you one thing that doesn't need to change and that's these kids. They've got great attitudes and they're winners and champions and we just need to hang with them."

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