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Loosier loses court battle

August 20, 2002

Albany- A Superior court judge rules against an Albany furniture owner's request, without making a clear cut ruling either way on Albany's sign ordinace.

Mike Loosier of Carolina Furniture Liquidators went before Judge Loring Gray Tuesday. He asked for an injunction to keep city police from harassing him about a sign ordinance that prohibits workers from carring advertisements on the city's right of way.

Judge Gray told Loosier and his attorney they hadn't followed proper legal procedures in their lawsuit.

Judge Gray said, "You haven't made an effort to put city of Albany on notice they're being sued, so I can't grant injunctive relief unless an immediacy is shown." 

"We don't have business because we aren't able to put signs out, we have to take care of our customers," Loosier said.

Loosier says he'll request another hearing, and make sure the city attorney knows about it next time.

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