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Sinyard and Bush square off

August 20, 2002

Albany- Inside precincts around Dougherty County, voters cast their ballots for Commission Chairman in the Democratic primary. Also voting, the candidates themselves, James Bush and Jeff "Bodine" Sinyard.

"Know I got one vote, hope a lot more are out there," Sinyard said.

Both candidates like their chances, but are not ready to give up the campaign trail just yet.

"Working and praying what I'm going to do," Bush said.

"Feel like going to win the race, but know have to work until the very last minute to get word out to every person might have missed along the way," Sinyard said. 

In fact Bush, and later Sinyard greeted voters from the same spot in front of West Town Elementary's voting precinct.

"I try to ignore election signs, read over what they stand for and make the decision that way," voter Grady Caldwell said.

"People voice opinions, and whoever ends up winning that's going to be the man," Billy Hardy said.

The winner will be the Dougherty County Commission Chairman for the next four years. Each candidate says creating jobs is their top priority.

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