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VSU students seek textbook tax exemption

August 20, 2002
by Ashley Harper

The first week of school at Valdosta State University brings the same routine to students each year. They spend hours waiting in line to purchase those high priced textbooks.

"I spent about $250.00," said Quinn Brindger, student.

"My books totaled $425.52," said Dallas Cowne, student.

But these students say they're tired of paying outrageous prices for their textbooks, and have decided to do something about it. They're working with local representatives to eliminate sales tax on college textbooks.

"We're trying to do something for more than ourselves because this also affects private schools, and many other young people involved in the school system," said Cody Guined, Student Body President.

VSU students began petitioning for House Bill 483 back in 1999. In just the first week of discussion, the Student Government collected over 1500 signatures. But so far, students have seen no positive results.

"It's made it to the House floor a few times, but nothing has really happened yet," said Guined.

Bookstore staff members say the average student spends about $400 each semester on textbooks. Eliminating tax on these items could save each student an estimated $25.

"It would knock about $30 off my total price so any little bit would help," said Brindger.

Although students' efforts have been unsuccessful so far, they don't plan on giving up. VSU's student government will continue working with representatives until students receive the discount they deserve.

posted at 5:05PM by Ashley Harper

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