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Thomasville gas prices going down but have low supply

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

September 17, 2008


Gas prices are lower in Thomasville Wednesday. The BP station is selling gas for $3.89, ten cents lower than most other stations in the area.

They're one of the few stations that still has regular gas. But they don't have much and are limiting their customers to only 20 dollars worth.

"Gas is low right now. We've got all the diesel that you want, but as far as regular we've got a little bit of regular but no plus or super so it's very hard to get. We've got tanks in line in Bainbridge and in Albany so whenever they get gas they can bring it to us," says Manager Jason Chastain.

"I figured I better gas up while I had an opportunity and $3.89 was fairly reasonable compared to 3.99 and 4.21," says driver June Groover, comparing gas prices in Thomasville. 

The station manager says their last shipment came around midnight Wednesday morning. They expect to get more Thursday but worry they could run out Wednesday night.

Before the recent hurricanes the BP usually got around four shipments a day. Now they say they're lucky to get one.


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