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What you need to know before you vote

August 19, 2002

Polling places across Southwest Georgia are being set up for Tuesday's primary elections. While workers are keeping busy preparing for a busy day, there are a few things voters need to know about before you cast a vote.

Workers are putting voting booths together at the Westover High School gym. Here in Dougherty County, election officials are predicting a good voter turnout.

Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says, "Dougherty County always beats the state average, we'll do that." Chances are there might be a line at your polling place, so be prepared before you walk in the door.

Hatcher says, "Be sure to walk in with your identification, don't leave it in the car. Go in with the I-D because you might have to stand in line, but that's great, a good turnout is exciting."

All the information you need is on your precinct card. But when you get to your designated polling place, this card is not enough to get you a ballot, you need to have another id like a social security card or a driver's license. Hatcher says, "It can be a driver's license or an I-D from school or work, just not a precinct card."

There will also be something new at each precinct. Voters will get a chance to test out the touch screen voting method, but don't expect to use it for real. Hatcher says, "We're not going to vote with those. We are still using the optical scan ballot which is where you complete the arrow next to the person's name you want to vote for."

But, before you vote at the primary, you have to choose which ballot to select--either Republican or Democrat-- but not both. If you are unsure, there will be sample ballots at each precinct.

The polls open Tuesday morning at seven AM, and will close at seven PM.

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