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On the right track

August 18, 2002

Devan Hall's pre-race routine is like any other driver's his age. He fastens his seatbelt, closes the roof, and fires up the engine to his Bandolero. But what Devan does on the track is what sets him apart. The 12 year old Leesburg native has only been racing for three years, but in that short time success has come quickly. Twelve year old Devan Hall said, "We were just capable of top five, wins, and top ten's and it just did what it needed to do for us."

His accomplishments include the '99 state championship, and three wins this year in the Thursday Thunder Series at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Devan's father Randy said, "It was just very exciting. The last three or four laps in the races that he won was near 'bout breathtaking."

But Devan will be the first to tell you he's come a long way. After watching a race at the Albany Motor Speedway three years ago, he decided he'd like to give it a shot. He found out quickly, its not as easy as it looks. Hall said, "In practice, I made one of the worst mistakes you could possibly make, I got the car a little loose coming off turn three and turned to the right and hit the wall." A valuable lesson was learned. "It taught me not to turn to the right anymore," Hall added.

But that mishap has been a small bump in Devan's long road to the big show. The seventh grader at Lee County Middle School currently races in Atlanta and Cordele, and has aspirations of one day making it big. "If I could I'd like to make it up to Winston Cup." His father, and current crew chief Randy, is behind him 100 percent. "Well if he continues to drive as good and as hard as he is right now I foresee a future for him in this sport."

And as a die hard fan of the late Dale Earnhardt, Devan has the mentality to make it. Devan said, "Well if somebody blocks me long enough I'll just get irritated every now and then and I'll lay the bumper to them."

 So look out NASCAR Devan Hall is on the move. Hall will continue to race his Bandolero until he sells it, at which point he will begin concentrating on racing Legend cars.