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Students say moving in is tough

August 18, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

It's move in day for the students at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

It's a day that some students say came too soon. Sophomore Danielle Scully, says she looks forward to a new year, but moving in is tough. Scully says, "It's hectic going up all those stairs but it went pretty smooth for the most part."

She says even though she is glad to return to school, she will miss home. She adds, "I will miss my family, and my house, but you can go home during the weekends."

Many parents, students and faculty members say the worst thing about moving in is the heat and hauling things up tons of stairs.

Freshmen, Courtney Kinder and Sir Antheny Lundy went to high school together and they are looking forward to being college freshmen together, and exploring new areas.

Lundy says, "I really love music so I'm really going to enjoy getting to explore new things in music. "

Kinder says, "We're experiencing new things together, it's a new thing for both of us."

Dean of students, Bernice Hughes, says hopefully move-in day will create a better atmosphere on campus. She adds, "I hope it would start a good relationship between us and the parents and everything to let us know that not only are we hear for them but we will also be hear for them during their time here."

There's one thing that many students and parents say would make their job easier, lower temperatures.

The first day of class at Abraham Baldwin College is tomorrow.

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