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Police patrol Nashville stations as gas goes up

By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

September 12, 2008

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Talk about a dangerous job. Imagine being this guy, hired to change the gas prices at the Flash Foods in Nashville.

All while a long line of angry drivers wait up to an hour to fill up their tanks. Luckily, police were on scene to keep the peace.

"We wanted to make sure we took care of and circumvented any traffic problems before they get out of hand," says Nashville Assistant Police Chief Chuck Edwards.

They were called out after rumors spread that gas prices were getting ready to spike.

"I got a call saying gas was going up to $5.00 a gallon, and I'm traveling this weekend, so I came up to fill up," says Olif Ross.

"I think once the word got out that gas prices were starting to climb, people started to panic and here we are," Edwards says.

Cars lined up and were bumper-to-bumper. They came and waited.

But when most got to the pumps, the cheap stuff was already gone.

 "That's what I wound up getting when I got there was premium, but I had to fill it up so that what I got," Ross says.

But they felt better when they saw this. The price just down the road had jumped to $5.39 a gallon. $5.59 for premium. Outraged drivers say the state needs to step in.

"It makes me angry, because I don't see why gas should go up doing an emergency, especially like this," says Ben Davis.  "They should do something about it to keep the stations from going up like they want to and taking advantage of an emergency."

The state may not call it price gouging, but these drivers say it doesn't have any other name.

These lines weren't just found in Nashville.  We've received complaints from drivers in Lanier, Lowndes, Brooks and Cook Counties.

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