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An area attorney says justice must be served

August 16, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

The State Ethics Commission confirms they received two faxed complaints against Ken Hodges, but an Ethics Commission spokesperson says those complaints are not valid because they weren't notorized and they weren't either hand-delivered or mailed.

Ralph Sccocimaro says a valid complaint is on the way to the commission. This is connected to the race for Dougherty County Commission chairman and whether Ken Hodges unfairly helped one candidate.

The heated race for Dougherty County commission chairman got even hotter recently. Candidate James Bush accused District Attorney Ken Hodges of forcing his employees to attend a meeting in which Bush's opponent, Jeff Sinyard, appealed for votes.

Albany attorney, Ralph Sccocimaro, says he felt it was his duty to do take action. He says, "What shocked me was the arrogance of the district attorney in what he did. It didn't take a rocket scientist tot understand what he did was wrong."

Sccocimaro filed a complaint with the state ethics commission against Hodges, claiming he abused his power. "Recall, Sheriff D orsey was convicted on abuse of his authority and abuse of his office by Mr. Hodges, but Hodges does not agree.

Hodges says, "I certainly thing they're trying this on the eve of the election to try to get some publicity." Hodges says he invited Sinyard to the staff meeting so workers could find out more about him.

He adds, "This is dirty politics. It's unfortunate. I wish both of the candidates would stick to the issues and so far Mr. Sinyard has."

Sccocimaro also says bush is not playing the race card, he says it is being played by the other side. He adds, "I see it played not by him but by the other side. The other side wants a white county commissioner period."

He also adds that he has washed his hands of this case because he fulfilled his duty as a lawyer for the public.

Ethics commission spokesman, Teddy Lee, would not say whether the charges are serious enough for commission to investigate if they receive a valid complaint.

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