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Some gas stations running on empty

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

September 11, 2008- Gas prices are spiking, supplies are dwindling, and many of you are wondering what to do.

The best thing is not to panic.

On Wednesday the EnMark Station on North Slappey in Albany ran out of everything but premium grade gasoline.

Workers say their supplier didn't have any gas, and they're not sure when their tanks will be full again.

Prices jumped all over south Georgia today, more than 25 cents a gallon in some places.

The problem is Hurricane Ike.

It has forced oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and oil refineries on the coast to shut down.

That led wholesale prices in trading on the Gulf Coast to nearly double.

Whether that trickles down to gas stations depends on the extent of damage from Ike.

The Oil Price Information Service says "a myriad of supply issues and wild swings in prices" are possible.

But Tripple-A says you shouldn't panic.

If we all rush to fill up, it will only cause supplies to dip and prices to jump even more.


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