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Pot farm spotted from air

August 19, 2002


Georgia State Patrol Pilot Sgt.Tony White sparks a major drug bust from the air, on Friday. "Aviation unit responding to another situation somewhere else and saw this individual pulling up suspected marijuana plants out of the woods," said GSP Trooper Danny Kimbrel.

The pilot spotted 45-year-old Larry Odom. Odom fled into the woods, but he couldn't escape the nose of a police dog. Troopers and Officers found several areas of groups of marijuana plants, surrounded by an electrically charged fence.

"Around this thicket is a horse. The electric fence is keeping the horse, so it won't eat the marijuana plants," Kimbrel said. Troopers believe the horse was used as a cover-up. From the dirt road, neighbors might think the fence is just keeping the horse in the yard. In reality it's keeping suspicious neighbors out.

"Look at what he did, put it right in the open," said Kimbrel. A beat-up truck was also parked in the front yard, but a nice Chevrolet Blazer was found hidden under a homemade canopy. "He was trying to hide his vehicle, so people wouldn't know anybody's here.

The GBI found 92 marijuana plants growing in the woods. "He said he got some more in the field where nobody's been down there yet. He wants us to help him down there." Odom is charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute.

Odom is from Sneads, Florida, but says he bought the property in Terrell County two years ago. The house is located off a dirt road on 82 in Graves. Odom is being held in the Terrell County Jail.

posted 10:35 a.m., 8/19/02 by Dave Miller