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Gambling machines destroyed

August 16, 2002

Seven video gambling machines are destroyed by bulldozers at the landfill. The gambling machines were seized in a undercover operation two years ago. The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit had destroyed 27 other gambling machines last year.

Today the final seven were broken up dramatically. The gambling machines were valued at ten thousand dollars. They were computer video gaming stations for poker, blackjack, and slots. They were seized May 19, 2000 in a raid at the Dixie Cafe on Moultrie Road, and at Whitey's Sports Bar on West Broad Avenue.

The operators were allowing cash to be paid off as prizes on the machines.

 Major Bill Berry of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit said "So this is the finishing up of what we started 2 years ago, and this is the last of the machines that we have seized."

The seven gambling machines have been stored at the Dougherty County jail since their seizure. Now video gambling machines like these are illegal in Georgia.

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