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Thomasville man continues Moultrie makeover

By Len Kiese - bio | email

September 10, 2008

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A Thomas County man is helping revitalize a Colquitt County neighborhood. Demetrius Hadley lives and works in Thomasville but he's trying to get rid of dilapidated housing in a Moultrie neighborhood.

Hadley's company motto is "Redirecting Value Through The Tracks" and that's what sends him dozens of miles to places like Moultrie. Several years ago, it was a dream of his to create better housing conditions for people who can't afford it.  He's digging in to that dream.

At one section of Fifth Street Northwest in Moultrie, equipment continues to break up what once was a mess in Grace Henry's eyes. "Really bad. Really bad," said Henry.

Henry should know. "I've been here 56 years," said Henry.

For the past few years from her view across the street, she's seen strange activity behind dilapidated houses. Those houses are now coming down before her eyes. "I hope the Lord lets me see that the buildings will be put up," said Henry.

Demetrius Hadley also hopes to see changes in this part of Moultrie. "It's a lot of poverty, a lot of crime, a lot of substandard living," said Hadley.

So he's initiating the change.  Since Thursday, five houses have been knocked down courtesy of his company D.A.F.I.R.M. out of Thomasville. "We've been rocking and rolling," said Hadley, "basically we're trying to piggyback on the work that's been done down here and try to establish something positive for this neighborhood."  

The goal is to replace the homes with duplexes.  Another goal is to make them affordable. "My vision for this neighborhood is just increasing the awareness of the standard of living that's affordable but a different standard," said Hadley.

The standard and the sight is already changing for Grace Henry. "I can see the rail across the street now," said Henry.

Now she'll spend the next few months watching that better view come into vision. "It will look much better," said Henry.

Hadley hopes to get government grants to help build the new housing. After the work is done on 5th Street, more houses will be rehabbed on 2nd and 8th. The goal is to have some new homes up by Spring. That's around the same time Hadley plans to open up an office there in Moultrie.


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