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Burglaries on the rise in Albany

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

September 10, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Burglaries are on the rise in Albany, averaging almost 140 homes break-ins a month.

Four houses were broken into Tuesday night, right on that average.

And if you've ever been a victim of a crime, you know how upsetting it is to come home and discover someone's been inside your home. You feel violated and afraid.

A busted door, the frame broken when it was kicked in. The doorknob bent where burglars first tried a crowbar. This is what Terrance Calloway and his fiance found when they got home Tuesday night.

Calloway said "Yeah, we were scared."

Calloway is one of many victims of burglaries or break ins in Albany, a crime that seems like an everyday occurrence to many in the law enforcement field. But it shocked Calloway, who moved to Northwest Albany believing it was safe.

Calloway said "I didn't think it was happening in this neighborhood. I've heard about some instances across town, but not here. But now you know it is? Yes, that's scary."

The burglars kicked in his door, but took nothing. They also kicked in his neighbor's front door. Calloway used this board to nail shut his broken door, worried the crooks might come back.

Calloway said "Could not sleep. Just felt uneasy."

Calloway said "I stayed up all night with my gun. Just because we were on edge. Right now it's just a heightened sense of security."

Calloway's landlords installed better doors and locks today, Albany Police rode by a number of times while we were there, because there have been a number of break ins in recent days in this Stuart Avenue area. But Calloway still worries.

Calloway said "We make sure we lock all the doors and windows when we go to work. We have a dog. We have taken all the precautions we feel like we need to take. But when you are renting and you take all these precautions, what else do you do?"

Another burglary victim in Albany, left frightened and feeling vulnerable in their own home.

Calloway says he has already talked with neighbors about setting up a neighborhood watch program, but he wonders how effective it will be since everyone on the street rents, with people moving in and out frequently.

Albany Police report that there have been 1080 burglaries reported through August this year. In 2007 from January to August there were 1050 burglaries reported. Police report their clearance rate, or number of cases cleared by arrest, is up by ten over that same period last year.