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Will Rogers tribute and exhibit

August 15, 2002

Meet Lance Brown, "Hi I'm Will Rogers," he says.

Or should I say the legendary cowboy, humorist, and movie star brought back to life.

You see for Brown the two personalities are very intertwined in his life. His tribute show kicks off an exhibit at Tifton's Museum of Arts and Heritage, with posters chronicling Rogers 71 movies.  All movies were made between 1918 and 1935.

"His values way he told a story, just crying for show to be done, thought should be passed on to next generation," Brown says of Rogers. 

Will Rogers once said everyone is ignorant, just on different subjects, this exhibit gives people the chance to learn a lot about the subject of Will Rogers.

"He didn't make a joke that would make you laugh out loud, he liked it better if you nudged your friend and said he's right."

Rogers' quotes still with some relevance today.

"Look on bright side of taxes, thank god we don't get as much government as we're paying for," Brown quotes Rogers. 

Both the tribute performance and the exhibit that opens Friday and runs through Early October are free.

"We want to promote arts by showing community what they are, and involving community."

The museum hopes Will Rogers is the first in a series of continuous quarterly exhibits. The museum will also have an interactive Will Rogers CD-ROM and his movies playing during museum hours, Tuesday thru Friday 11 until 5.

The Will Rogers Tribute is Thursday at 8:15 at the Tift Theater.