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Dorsey one of many former officers behind bars

August 15, 2002
by Ashley Harper

Sidney Dorsey just became the 92nd former law enforcement officer in Georgia's state prison system. According to the Department of Corrections, finding a correctional institute for such high profiled law officials is quite a task.

"Certainly special consideration is given to former law enforcement because there's a good chance that their fellow inmate may be someone they prosecuted prior to their conviction," said Johnny Sikes, Georgia Department of Corrections prison director.

Over half of Georgia's former law officers convicted of crimes are kept here at the Wayne State Prison in Odum in Southeast Georgia.

"There's a 200 bed capacity here and we have 53 inmates that were former law enforcement personnel," said Sikes.

Not only is the Wayne State Prison known for housing most of Georgia's former law officials, but also many other high profiled state officials.

"This facility's mission is to house not only law enforcement officials, but also senators, county commissioners, and lawyers," said Sikes.

Over half of this prison's population is made up of former law enforcement. But, the Department of Corrections says Dorsey will most likely be sent to a prison with a higher level of security.

"It's a high profile case because he was a major law official in a metropolitan city, so he would need to be placed in a level five or six facility," said Sikes.

Sikes believes Dorsey's history puts him in danger at any of Georgia's state prisons. The Department of Corrections said sending Dorsey to another state isn't an option. But regardless of what prison is chosen, one thing is certain. Sidney Dorsey will be kept behind bars.

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