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White wants to unseat Meyer von Bremen

August 15, 2002

With only five days remaining until the August 20th primary, the State Senate 12th District race matches two familiar candidates.

Michael Meyer Von Bremen defeated John White for the seat in 1998. Now as these same two candidates vie for the seat again, the challenger is offering change, while the incumbent is promising more of the same.

Michael Meyer Von Bremen has held the District 12 State Senate seat for four years. A 44-year-old attorney, now running for his third term, Meyer Von Bremen is promising to continue his representation of the eight counties in his district. "That should be my record. I've been there four years and I spoke in one forum, and held up in the four years some nine pages of listings of bills that I either authored or co-sponsored. Now some of those are resolutions. Just in the last term, some nine pages of legislation that I've personally worked on."

John White looks very comfortable politicking on a South Slappey street corner. White is well known, after serving in the state Legislature from 1974 through 1997. The 61-year-old owner of an educational consulting business says he wants to improve this district. "Albany has 6.1 percent unemployment and we need to correct that. We need to make sure when students finish high school and college here, they have some employment at least if they should choose to stay. But many don't stay because there is nothing to do with the skills they might have."

White bristles at Michael Meyer Von Bremen's campaign ads, that point out White failed to attend half of the sessions one year while in the Legislature. White said "If all he can say is to bring up something that happened 20 years ago, he does not deserve to be Senator. He needs to talk about something else."

Michael Meyer Von Bremen's birthday is August 19th, but he says he hopes to do all his celebrating the following day, after the election. There is no Republican candidate for the 12th district state senate office, so the winner of the August 20th primary will claim the seat.

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