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Cairo flood victims voice concerns at city council meeting

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

September 8, 2008

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - The water from tropical storm fay is gone. But the damage is still widespread in some south Georgia counties. Some people in Grady County lost everything and can't even return to their homes. On Monday they are voicing their opinions to the city council and pleading for help.

It has been two weeks since Tropical Storm Fay saturated South Georgia and left residents like 80 year old Samson Bell, who live in low-lying parts of Grady County, devastated.

"I've just been sad, you know? I'm used to going home and cooking and stuff and now there is no where to cook. There is nothing left," says Bell.

Bell used to live in a house in the area referred to as the "Hot Bed community" in Cairo, about a mile or so from downtown. It was one of the areas that suffered severe flooding. Some houses were completely submerged in water. Now the houses are unlivable, full of mold and mildew and falling apart.

Jeffery Mills pastors a community church in Cairo and says residents have expressed their concerns to him.

"A lot of people didn't have flood insurance, and they lost everything they had. Some had to move in the projects; some had to move to public housing; some had to move in with relatives," says Mills.

"It'd take me $20,000 to build that house back. As bad as it is..." says Bell.

Now they're looking for somewhere to turn.

"We're trying to meet to find out what's the future for this area. If the citizens can rebuild, if the city is getting together with the army corp of engineers to figure out a plan for residents if they have a severe flood again," says Mills.

Pastor Mills is speaking Monday night at 6pm at Cairo's city council meeting, addressing concerns on behalf of the people who suffered losses in the flooding. He's asked everyone affected by Fay to come out and take part. Feedback

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