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Tablets get rid of mosquitoes

August 14, 2002

A South Georgia city has spent the last ten years battling mosquitoes. But, with West Nile Virus making headlines lately, more people are worried about mosquito bites. Thomasville is helping the public fight mosquitoes for free.

Mosquitoes invade this home in Thomasville. Resident Richard Colomy says, "They are terrible....they are terrible." Colomy says the problem is in his own front yard. He points to the flooded ditch, "This is what creates all your mosquitoes problems, the City should be doing something about it, but I don't think they are."

Thomasville uses the "Mosquito One" tractor to spray the ditches, but they need you to do your part by picking up tablets. Thomasville Public Works Director Gwen Ridley, explains, "These strictly target the mosquitoes larvae. It's not insecticide or pesticide. It's non-harmful to wildlife fish or pets."

The tablets last 30 days, if this ditch dries up and floods again, the tablets will still do the job.  Ridley says, "Citizens can do their part by picking these up and placing in their yard, we will do an assessment."

< STRONG> Colomy has never used the tablets, but will give them a try, after all they are free. He says, "I'll try'em. I'll do anything to get ridof bugs."He's never noticed the city spraying larvacide in his flooded ditch, but Public Works says it's up to the resident to tell them about the problem areas.

You can pick up the tablets at the Thomasville City Administration Building, Public Works Department and Fire Station Two.

The City of Thomasville allocates 10-thousand dollars in their budget per year for their Mosquito spraying and tablets.

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