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Woman warns about scam calls

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

September 5, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Albany woman almost fell victim to a phone scam. Now the con artists are harassing her with constant phone calls, even threatening her.

Wednesday night, Tan Hughes got a phone call from a man, telling her that her Doctor told him to call about her medicine. Hughes nearly made what could have been a costly mistake. But today the calls went beyond just a nuisance, to threatening.

Hughes said "They told me they knew my Doctor at first. I said "Did my Doctor tell you to call?" Yes and we are trying to get you this medicine."

The man told Hughes she needed to give him her credit card number so he could send her the Doctor recommended medicine.

 Hughes said "I started giving him my card number, and when I got to my eighth number on my card, I just kind of thought about this, and I'm thinking my Doctor would have called me, or someone from my Doctor's office would have called me. And I gave him the wrong numbers."

Hughes said in minutes they started calling back, demanding her real credit card number. And those calls she says have continued for three days.

Hughes said "Just constantly keep. They were really wanting to get to me. Just, and it was scary."

Thursday someone claiming to be from her bank called to warn about use on her credit card, but again started asking for her personal information.

 Hughes said "But in order for me to stop them trying to run your card, I am going to need your correct card number."

The callers have even threatened her. Hughes said she is sure this is a scam, and these people would have bled her account dry if they had her credit card number. Now she wants to warn South Georgians about these calls, worried that they could fool many people.

Hughes said "Oh yes, especially the elderly. Because there are so many on different kinds of medication."

Hughes called me Friday afternoon and let me listen in on one of these phone calls. The man on the other end of the line had a thick foreign accent and threatened to send someone to Hughes house if she didn't give him her credit card number.

Hughes says she called Albany Police, and again she wants to warn you to beware of unsolicited phone calls claiming to be from a pharmacy you know nothing about.


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