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Evacuated family welcomes baby in Thomasville

By Sarah Baldwin - bio | email

September 4, 2008

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) -   While in South Georgia to seek refuge from Hurricane Gustav, Amy McNulty gave birth to a daughter. A birth that came in the most challenging of situations.  

 A hospital room filled with relatives and filled with joy. But just a week ago the McNulty family faced an unnerving situation when they had to evacuate, Amy McNulty, very close to her due date.  "Once we got on the road and got here it was real. It wasn't going to miss us," said her husband Shaun.  Amy added, "My biggest worry was getting stuck in counterflow traffic and going into labor not knowing where the nearest hospital was."

Even more worrisome, they were headed to a hotel in Memphis where there'd be no family, and not many supplies in case she did have the baby. 

"Heather called me that evening and insisted on us coming here," said Amy. A long time family friend, Heather Maxwell, now lives in Thomasville.  She welcomed Amy, and her whole family to come stay with them.  "It was still fresh in my my mind, the whole birth experience. And everything going through your mind and everything you have to think of. And then to have to evacuate and deal with the hurricane on top of it," said Maxwell.

The house was already crowded with evacuees from Hurricane Gustav. Now bringing a brand new baby girl home this morning, they had a total of 16 people and 10 dogs all in this 3 bedroom house in Thomasville!   "A little chaotic. We have people and dogs and luggage everywhere," said Maxwell. But somehow they made it work.

But soon, they'll go back to the brand new house they left behind.  "We just moved into our house. New furniture, new house, brand new baby stuff. And to think that we may lose it was devastating," said Amy. But they don't have to worry about that anymore. Right after Sadie was born, Shaun and Amy got word Gustav missed their house. A safe place to raise Sadie gives their hectic story, a happy ending.


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