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Moultrie Road/State Route 133 widening

August 13, 2002

The Department of Transportation makes a major announcement today. Moultrie Road/State Route 133 will expand from two-lanes to four-lanes between Albany and Valdosta. It's a 185 million dollar project that will widen roads will give motorist and truck drivers a safer ride.

It's a dangerous situation for truck drivers with oversized loads. Driver Cecil Albritton talks to truckers ahead, "Let me know if anybody is coming at us from up there."

Two lane roads and no where to go. Albritton of Elliville spends a lot of time on Moultrie Road/State Route 133. He says, "Probably on this road two to three times a week, pulling these mobile homes up and down the highway."

The two-lane truck access route from Albany, through Moultrie, to Valdosta will be widening to four-lanes with a median, this is good news for truck drivers. Albritton explains, "We just pulled in here because there's no place on the side of the road if we have problems with a house. We had to pull into this turning lane."

The future's looking wider and safer on Moultrie Road.  Albritton says, "There would be a shoulder then to get off on the road and there wouldn't be a line of traffic right here."

The engineering phase will begin immediately, but groundbreaking is at least two years down the road.

The project is a part of the Governor's Road Improvement Program. The GRIP system is estimated to cost two-point-nine million dollars to repair 14 Georgia corridors.