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Race for District 4 Dougherty County Commission

August 13, 2002

You'll find all three candidates running for Dougherty County Commission District 4 on the Democratic ballot. Tommy Pollock, Chuck Lingle, and Roger Marietta are looking to replace Connie Meier, who has represented District 4 for 15 years.

All three are democrats, but that's about all they have in common. Pollock owns Artesian Marketing, a golf product distributor. His main goal is to bring jobs to this area.

"I have already talked with two businesses about coming to Albany. We need new jobs and new taxpayers moving to this county," said Pollock.

Roger Marietta teaches Political Science at Darton College and is a former mayor of Fayetteville, Ga. "If you want status quo, who have already increased taxes, continue to vote for the regular guys. I'm not status quo, and I can improve things for our county," said Marietta.

Chuck Lingle served on the Dougherty County School board for 12 years. "I know the problems facing this county. I want to solve those problems."

Recently, homes in Dougherty County were reassessed. And, these candidates realize the weight of this change.

"The reassessment is state mandated, so our hands our tied. But, we can boost the economic development of this county," said Lingle.

"If I'm elected, I want to review how the tax commissioner reasseses homes, to make sure it's fair and equitable," said Marietta.

"The only way to lower property taxes is to increase the tax base, by bring new businesses to the county," said Pollock.

These three candidates near the final leg of the race for the District 4 seat, with the finish line just a week away.

If you live in District 4, you vote at Sherwood Elementary, Merry Acres Middle School, Covenant Church, Albany High School, or Palmyra Church.