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Primary Ballots

August 13, 2002

Voters will have to make a decision before they enter the booth in the August 20th primary election. You will have to decide whether you want to vote a Republican or a Democratic ballot. Voters will need to read the sample ballots, to make sure they can vote in the races they care most about.

 A busy morning for voters filling out absentee ballots in the City County Government Building.

Gladys Thomas said "It's very important for people to get out and vote."

Voters are very interested in a number of local and state elections. But the first choice the voter has to make, is whether to vote a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher said "This is a nominating procedure. The primary is a nominator, and after the candidates are nominated, then they are put on the general election ballot and persons can choose one or the other."

A voter will have to decide which of the elections he most wants to influence. In Dougherty County, a voter could have to choose if he wants to help decide the Republican gubernatorial candidate, or the Democratic State Senate candidate.

 Hatcher said "We urge everybody to look at those sample ballots we have posted at each polling place, and make that decision before they try to choose. They may get to the booth then and see the person they're looking for is not there."

Absentee voters said it helped to check out the sample ballots. Apostle Isiah Revills said "It kinda helped me make a decision, so I think I'm pretty well on target who I should vote for, and who is the best person." Danny Wagnon said "I looked over all the republican and democratic nominees for each position, and I see where I can maybe make more of a difference in one or the other."

Just in Dougherty County there will be 15 different democratic ballots, depending upon the district you live in, and 8 Republican District Ballots.

Take time to check out the sample ballots, so you can make the best informed decision possible in August 20th's primary election. Absentee voting for the primary will continue in person through August 19th. Ballots have to be mailed out by the Registars Office by Friday.

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