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Kids do have places to go after school

August 12, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

The Boys and Girls Club of America is trying to make sure you do.  Nationally, the organization is trying to get more students enrolled in their "three o'clock program."

The five Boys and Girls Clubs facilities here in Dougherty County serve about three thousand kids each day after school with this program.

Each day, instead of going home alone, kids are able to get assistance with their homework, play sports and learn to work with their peers.

Director of Operations, Bob Hutchinson says, "This is a good thing for parents whether its the Boys and Girls Club or whether it a day program because its supervision and you know where your kids at during the day and you can rest at your job. " 

 If you need a place for your kids to go after they get out of school, contact one of the area centers of the Boys and Girls Club.

The cost for each student is five dollars per year.

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