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Moody airmen could help Gustav victims

By Alicia Eakin - bio | email

September 1, 2008

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Three-hundred airmen from Moody Air Force base gave up their labor day holiday to help victims of Gustav.

The airmen are on stand-by now, waiting for orders.

They say when those orders come, they'll be in the air in just 30 minutes.

One team will go to Jackson, Mississippi and the other to Houston, Texas.

An advance team is leaving Monday night to prepare for the arrival of the troops.

"This evening we'll send one HH-60 to Jackson, Mississippi with a load of supplies, some communication gear, sort of an advanced team to set up operations so if our troops are called, our airmen are called we'll be able to respond in a moments notice," says 23rd Wing Commander, Col. Kenn Todorov.

If called, the airmen will perform search and rescue missions.

During Katrina, Moody airmen rescue 1700 people trapped from the storm.

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