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Drainage problems are draining lives

August 11, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

When it rains, it pours, according to many residents living on streets on the Dougherty County Line, which include Jenkins, Elliott and James streets.

Some say every time there is a heavy rain fall, the water does not drain properly, it just sits in many families' backyards, like the Spencers on Jenkins Street.

Daniel Spencer says, "Sometimes, it's almost knee deep and there's no way to get out, it just has to dry up."

The Spencers say they had to move their outdoor furniture closer to their house, and their plans of building a storage building at the end of their property has been put on hold because of drainage problems.

Spencer adds, "You have to wear boots down in here and sometimes you can't even get in to mow the lawn because the water is so high."

Richard and Lennie Williams say their property has been flooded many times over the years. They have lived on Jenkins Street since 1971. They did not want to be interviewed on camera, but they did show us some pictures of what this property has looked like in the past.

Lennie Williams says, "This is my back yard." Commissioner Jack Stone says these resident's problems must end.

He will present these problems at the county commission meeting tomorrow morning, hoping to eventually get the seventy-thousand dollars, he says the project will probably cost.

Stone says, "We've got drainage money in the one percent sales tax, sitting there, that we can draw from the one percent sales tax to get this done. "

Residents say they hope the county commission does make some changes because they say these drainage problems are draining their lives.

The Dougherty County Commission meets tomorrow morning at ten at the Government center.

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