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Bikers are changing an old image

August 10, 2002

by Jocelyn Maner

Bikers from all over the South east were in Albany today to have fun and reminisce.

They came from all over Georgia, Florida and Alabama for an annual meeting of the Gold Wing Riders Association to celebrate bike riding.

Biker, Leo Mechler says, "You get the feeling of freedom." This is the organizations twenty-fifth year of existence, and many riders say the group is helping people realize what bike riding is all about.

He adds, "Motor cycle riding is not the old mystique that it used to be, and it's just a lot of people having a good time.

Many riders say even though their bike styles may be different, there is one thing they all have in common. They say being in this group means being a part of a large family.

Biker, Glen Kemry says,"We've got twenty one hundred members here in Georgia, and they're all apart of our family. We treat everybody just like brothers and sisters."

He adds,"Everywhere I go, I meet new people and see old people. It's like a family reunion."

Members of the Gold Wing Riders Association says their organization is different from most because they emphasize family and safety.

Bill and Betty Livingston are the Georgia Couple of the Year for 2002, and they safety is key.

"We provide all kinds of classes that improve your knowledge of motorcyle riding and increases your confidence." There's one thing the Gold Wing Riders say they are sure about. One biker says, "It doesn't matter how young or old you are, you like to ride, we'll ride with you."

They say it's a ride no one ever forgets. The Gold Wing Riders Association is getting ready for their riders rally in September in Helen, Georgia.

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