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Still waiting on peanut rules

August 9, 2002

Despite the passage of a new farm bill back in May, peanut farmers nearing harvest time are still unclear about what they should be doing.

Some farmers will begin harvesting this month, but confusion surrounds the details of payments to former quota holders, as well as the new marketing loan program.

Don Koehler, with the Georgia Peanut Commission said, "Overall crop looks pretty good right now, going to have enough for consumers. I Hope by time start harvesting we have rules and regulations out of Washington."

"Once we begin putting on trailers we need rules and regulations, the mechanics of the program and how it's going to work." Wes Shannon, a peanut farmer, said.

Growers from Georgia, Florida, and Alabama met in Fort Gaines this week to discuss how the new peanut program may work and to develop new ways to promote their crop.

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