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Wild Adventures gets new radar equipment

August 9, 2002

by Ashley Harper

The weather outside may be frightful on your next trip to Wild Adventures.

"Being in the tropical climate, we should all be prepared for the damages that lightning can pose, said Kent Beuscher, park owner.

With over fifty rides using millions of electrical amps, there's great potential for lightning to strike.

But not to worry, this park is fully equipped with weather radar to keep all its visitors safe.

"We've installed sophisticated grounding all over the park to hopefully prevent any damage we could have from lightning," said Beuscher.

The park has its own lightning detection system, made up of three stages. The first, Light 1, detects lightning within a ten mile radius.

"We begin to pull down our largest rides, mainly the high roller coasters and water rides if lightning is ten miles away or closer," said Beuscher.

The second stage, Light 2, detects lightning up to five miles away. And the final stage, Light 3, means danger is near.

"We shut all the rides down and make sure all our visitors seek shelter in a safe place," said Beuscher.

Another asset in detecting serious weather conditions is a device park officials call Thore.

"It measures electrical activity in the air and if it detects anything, it makes a loud beeping sound to let us know some attention is required," said Beuscher.

WIth well over a million dollars in weather technology, the park's visitors and equipment are always in safe hands.

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