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Where in the World is Rock?

August 9, 2002

It's another day in small town Georgia. Even the cops pay no attention to Gator and Rock, who are out running errands. On this day, the mail needs to be picked up, but along they way they'll pick up a few looks. Nothing but bills, so Rock and Gator will throw back a few sodas on their way home.

"He loves the Mountain Dew. He will drink a few diet Dr. Peppers, but he would rather have the Dew."

Loren, who goes by Gator, got rock as a Christmas gift. He looks like Georgia's mascot, Uga, but don't tell Gator that.

"Don't care about no football. They give you the ball and then come after you. If you didn't want me to have it then why did you give it to me?"

He also looks like his owner. Well, you be the judge. But they do act alike.

"He is like a big rock, just falls around. Now I am trying to teach to use and flush the toilet." Getting rock on the wagon was no trouble. Getting Rock to quit eating the wagon is another story. But Gator's 80-pound best friend all heart, and he doesn't mean no harm

"A dog is like a woman, if you train them right and ease them into it they will do whatever you need."

So in this town, everything on the road is not what it seems. Just ask the folks in Morgan, and they'll tell you the story about a man and his dog riding off into the sunset. Gator says Rock's favorite meal is cat. They can be found wandering the streets of Morgan, which is in the center of Calhoun County.

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