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Banners brighten up church

August 8, 2002

A South Georgia woman calls her hobby creative sewing. She has put her talent to the ultimate test by hand sewing huge banners for the Central Baptist Church in Albany.

Eleven bright colored banners now hang on the walls of Central Baptist Church, adding a splash of color. Mildred Pittman points and says, "This is my first banner, ever since Ed has been our pastor, he's been after me to make some banners. I put it off and put it off, but when the LORD gets after you and Ed gets after better get busy."

82-year-old Pittman has been extremely busy for the past three months, making these banners by hand. She says, "This is my absolute favorite. I has 26 handmade satin roses and 54 green leaves, all handmade."

Each banner has it's own story. Pittman explains, "I have been collecting piece goods and scraps since World War II."

The project was so time consuming, she needed help. Church Member Kim Silcox says, "I was nervous at first, there's no way I can compete with this, but she helped me get going and showed me a few short cuts, so to speak."

Pittman calls it creative sewing. She explains, "You're sewing what you want to sew, like you want to and nobody tells you can't."

Pittman and Silcox can't wait until this weekend. Silcox says, "I think they're gonna be in awe. They're truly going to enjoy it and be blessed."

Both ladies take pride in their banners and hope other church members will enjoy their newly decorated walls.

Pittman has created a few banners in the past for Christmas, but this is the first time she's made several to go up year around. This Sunday, Central Baptist Church will have a banner dedication.

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