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Tree limb falls on Albany home

By Christian Jennings

August 21, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  The tree limb broke and fell around 7:30 Saturday morning. When the Nelsons came outside,  they saw downed power lines and a broken car windshield.

Albany Fire Department were there for three ours before Water Gas and Light crews made their way over. The couple was out of power all morning.

"We heard a big boom," said Harold Nelson Jr. "We were still in the house we thought it was just a small branch or something. My neighbor's came knocking on my door saying that the branch was on top of my car and you know connected to the power lines."

Their yard has a lot of trees that they're worried may cause problems again in the future. The couple had to stay inside and away from the puddles of water.

Crews were worried about electrical dangers, since the tree had fallen on a power line.

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