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Locals get ready for Democratic National Convention

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By Christian Jennings - bio | email

August 22, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday in Denver, Colorado, and some south Georgians will make the trip. Friday we spoke with an Obama supporter and an Obama delegate who say they're excited about this once in a lifetime experience.

Pamela Jackson can hardly contain her emotions. "I'm just excited, I'm beside myself," she says laughing.

She's ready to make her way to Denver for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Not just as an supporter, but as a delegate...the only female Obama delegate in the Second Congressional District.

"We've been going too wrong for too long, and I think it's the time for a change and after reviewing the candidates. It's not based on color, it's not based on gender. It's based on who I thought would be best to lead this country," says Jackson.

Jackson has never been to a Convention, much less been a delegate. This is all new to her. But she says she's excited to watch history unfold.

"You have a female and an African American male. Dream ticket would be that they run together, but we're all still waiting on that."

Jackson isn't alone in her excitement. Gilbert Udoto, owner of Odyssey Records in Albany, is not a delegate. But couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Denver next week.

"I'm excited. This is history in the making. We have Barak Obama that is going to change the country and the world," says Udoto.

Udoto is from Kenya. He feels a strong connection with Obama because of their similar roots. He says Obama's father's village is only fifty miles from his childhood home. Udoto and Jackson both say they can't wait for next week to come so they can show support for their candidate on a national stage.

The convention runs from Monday through Thursday. Former President Jimmy Carter will be one of the many featured speakers.