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Crews keep an eye on storm ponds

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

August 21, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If we get heavy rain, storm drains and holding ponds could be pushed to the limit. So public works crews are clearing those drains and making sure the ponds can handle the additional water.

For the past six years, Edith Pickard has lived next to this holding pond on Mitchell Avenue. When there's heavy rainfall, she keeps an eye on it.  She said, "It's never peaked over into the property... so far, so far."

And she hopes it never will, but she's prepared just in case. I've put gas in both the vehicles to make sure if I have to get out, I can get out."

This pond at the corner of Mitchell and Crawford Avenues in East Albany is one of about 20 major storm ponds the city is keeping an eye on. It's the only one that they will have to pump out if we get significant rainfall.

Public Works Director Phil Roberson said, "What we'll do is we'll pump those out as necessary if it looks like it's going to cause a flooding problem."

Because there is no outfall from the pond, if it becomes a problem, they'll pump the water over a hill and into a storm drain. Away from Edith's home. But she'll be ready just in case. "I'm getting ready for it."

 If you notice a storm pond or drain backing up in your neighborhood, give public works a call. They'll try to get a crew out to clear up the problem.


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