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Department of Transportation readies the roads

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

August 21, 2008

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - As Fay pushes across Florida, people in South Georgia are getting ready.  It's possible that parts of our area will get several inches of rain and that makes for treacherous road conditions.

The Department of Transportation is ready to keep roads accessible to traffic and emergency vehicles.

The Department of Transportation wants to keep storm drains clear, so they don't have flooding on roads. The DOT has been checking trouble spots for the last several days in Turner and Colquitt Counties where storms have made roads impassible before. They want to make sure that doesn't happen this time, so they're making needed changes.

 They've also prepared their fleet of vehicles to deal with any problems Tropical Storm Fay may create. Dump trucks, front-end loaders and other vehicles have been gassed up and are sitting at the ready. The DOT's vehicles are equipped to deal with anything that may impede traffic and they want the trucks to be able to handle more than one call for help.

"We've checked our chain saws, we've put our barricades and our signs on our trucks, making sure all our equipment is ready for a situation like this and when we go out we don't have to go out and come right back in we've got enough to handle two or three or four different issues," says Craig Solomon, DOT Spokesman.

They've also told personnel to expect to be called out this weekend to deal with emergencies. The Department of Transportation will continue to be in contact with the state operations center and local government agencies and will respond as needed.

The DOT will monitor roads, the weather, and traffic until Tropical Storm Fay has passed. They encourage drivers to stay off the highways during the storm and to use common sense and not drive through standing water. 

County road departments are also keeping up with the storm, clearing drainage ditches along road to prevent ponding problems and grading dirt roads to avoid problems.

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