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Are Dougherty County taxes going up?

August 7, 2002

Property taxes may increase in Dougherty County, but the county commission can't decide for sure. Today, County Commissioners discussed three options for handling the tax rate.

The first would keep the millage at its current 11.10 rate, but taxes would increase 4.15%. So if you owned a $100,000 house in the city limits, your taxes would go up about $18 a year, depending on your home assessment.

The second option is to rollback the millage, but still increase taxes by 3.58%. Again for a $100,000, you'll see $16 increase.

The third option is rolling back the millage to 10.65 and no tax increase. But, the county would have to reach into it reserve funds to balance its already tight budget.

The county is also losing some tax revenue. "We're losing nearly $300,000 because a warehouse at Procter and Gamble that we won't collect on after this year and from other loses," said Tax Commissioner Denver Hooten.

If you live outside the city, your tax increase would be different. Commissioners didn't choice an option today, but must set the millage by September 4th. The county tax in only one portion of your tax bill. The city and the school board also assess property taxes.

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