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A look at Tropical Storm History

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

August 20, 2008

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia hasn't taken a direct hit from a hurricane in years. But history has shown us even indirect hits and tropical storms can cause a lot of damage. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, meaning we're right in the peak of it now. And it's not uncommon for storms to whip-up trouble in Georgia.

We have had extremely active hurricane seasons recently. Take a look at the numbers. There were 15 named storms in 2004.2005 was the record year no one will ever forget. There were 27 named storms that year including Hurricane Katrina. In 2006 there were ten tropical storms and hurricanes and there were 15 last year. In each of the last three years, one storm passed over south Georgia.

But 2004 was the last really bad year we had in our area. Three storms ended up roaring through south Georgia. Tropical Storm Bonnie, hurricane Frances, and hurricane Jeanne all tracked right through the area. They caused millions of dollars of damage. It's proof of how even this far inland, t-he remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms can spawn tornadoes and dump heavy rain that can cause flooding that can damage homes and businesses and wash out roads.

And of course we all remember what happened in 1994 when Tropical Storm Alberto stalled over Georgia and caused flooding that killed more than 30-people and remains the worst natural disaster in Georgia history.

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